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The Ultimate 2023 PlayMonster Gift Guide

Welcome to the ultimate gift guide of fun! The holiday season is upon us, and we are here to make your gift shopping experience a breeze. With our incredible selection of toys, games, crafts and activities, you can transform this festive time into an extraordinary experience for everyone on your list.

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a daunting task, but don’t worry! Our team of experts have carefully curated s collection of unique and exciting options that are sure to bring joy and happiness to your loved ones. Whether you’re shopping for kids, teens, adults or even the young at heart – we have something for everyone!



For the first-time parents, parents with young kids and work-from-home parents in need of some much-needed peace and productivity. Our curated collection includes interactive toys, educational games, and engaging activities to keep your little ones entertained while promoting their development. Say good bye to chaos and hello to peace and productivity with are carefully selected gifts designed to bring order to the lives of busy parents.



Whether they’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, this collection has something for everyone! From learning new skills and slumber party favorites to easy and relaxing activities after a long day of adulting. Bring joy, fulfillment and endless opportunities for self-expression. Happy Crafting!



Rediscover the magic of nostalgia and step into the world of fond memories and cherished moments! This collection is designed to transport them back in time and evoke the warm and fuzzy feelings of the past. From retro toys to iconic fashion, each handpicked item is a nostalgic gem that will reignite the joy and wonder of yesteryears. Get ready to embark on a journey down memory lane because some things are just too fun to be forgotten!



Unleash the joy of giving the perfect gift! Find the most thoughtful and exciting gifts for those holiday gift exchanges. Whether you’re participating in a Secret Santa, Whit eElephant or any other gift exchange event, this curated collection is here to help! Give the gift that everyone will be talking about long after the festivities over, let the gift exchange begin and let your inner hero shine! 



We all know that one person who seems to have everything or is simply difficult to shop for. But don’t worry, our gifts for the impossible-to-shop-for is here to save the day! Whether is a picky family member, a discerning friend, or a colleague who seemingly has it all, we’ve curated a collection of unique and unexpected gifts that are sure to impress even the most challenging recipients.



For those who appreciate the extraordinary and seek gifts beyond the ordinary. We understand that some individuals love the unexpected, the one-of-a-kind, and the truly remarkable. This group of products push the boundaries of creativity and leave a lasting impression. Get ready to embark on a journey of exceptional gift-giving, where the ordinary is left behind, and the extraordinary takes center stage!


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Host The Ultimate Craft Party In 5 Easy Steps

With how busy our lives can get, we forget to take a step back and break up our routines. Sometimes it helps to do something special for yourself (and some friends) in order to de-stress and have fun. Nothing works as a pick-me-up or as a breath of fresh air in a weekly routine quite like some quality ME time. Or Us time. So why not throw a Craft Party? 

Craft Parties are all about gathering your favorite people and making crafts (and memories) together! They’re the perfect way to stay connected and have quality time with the people in your life. You’re sure to have a ton of fun, whether you’re doing something you know and love or trying something new! Below are some ideas for hosting a spectacular Craft Party! Let’s get started!

Step 1: What’s the Occasion? 

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you’re partying for. Is it a birthday? A sleepover? A night out with friends? Crafts are perfect for adding a unique spin to any and all celebrations!  

Step 2: Who’s Invited?  

Now you need to know how many guests are coming to your party so you know how many crafts to supply and can start thinking what crafts are best for the partygoers you’re expecting.  

Are you looking for everyone to have their own kit, or should people share and make something together? Do you want to try something new or make a favorite of yours? How old are the partygoers and what sort of craft would they enjoy?  

Step 3: Pick Your Craft! 

We know, this is the hardest part of all. The centerpiece of any good Craft Party is, of course, the craft! Ann Williams has you covered with crafts for all ages and interests, so it’s going to be great no matter which kit you pick.  

Here are some of our top kits for throwing an amazing Craft Party!

Craft-tastic Make A Friend Koala 

Make your own toy! Sew a Koala stuffie complete with ready-to-wear clothes and easy-to-make accessories. Get the same kit (or others in our Make A Friend line) for all of your guests to make, then they can keep the party going by playing with their new friends! Who doesn’t love a craft you can use after you make it?

Why This Kit is Party Perfect:

  • Great individual craft 
  • Combines crafting with dolls 
  • Makes a toy you can keep using 
  • For young crafters (ages 4+) 
Craft-tastic Fairy Potions 

Make your party magical! Mix up some potions using special ingredients and enchanting fairy-made recipes! Create a potion of good luck, color-changing flowers, and more. Let children combine the fun of crafting something new with the magic of imagination!

Why This Kit is Party Perfect:

  • Great for sharing (9 potions per kit) 
  • A magical experience 
  • For young crafters (ages 6+) 
Craft-tastic I Love Unicorns 

Make a rainbow of crafting fun with six unique unicorn-themed projects. Make stuff you can wear (a unicorn headband), stuff you can play with (a unicorn stuffie), stuff you can display (a unicorn garland)—all kinds of fun things everyone will be wild about! The variety of projects lets kids pick and choose what they want to make! 

Why This Kit is Party Perfect:

  • Great for sharing (6 projects per kit) 
  • Makes different crafts (6 unique projects) 
  • For young crafters (ages 7+) 
Craft-tastic Chance Bracelets 

Let chance decide your design! Roll the dice and spin the spinner to figure out which beads to use and how many until you have enough for a bracelet, then craft it. Turn bracelet-making into an exciting game that gets everyone involved. Add some of your own materials to make as many bracelets as you want! 

Why This Kit is Party Perfect:

  • Bracelet-making game 
  • Easily incorporate your own beads and materials 
  • Great for sharing (enough for 20 bracelets—expandable with your own materials) 
  • For tween crafters (ages 8+) 
Craft-tastic Empower Flower 

It’s all the little things combined that make you extraordinary! Have each guest celebrate themselves with a stunning work of art as unique and special as they are. Create the flower design with iridescent foil, gold foil, and colorful strips, then personalize it with over 250 words that describe YOU.  

Why This Kit is Party Perfect:

  • Great individual craft (All about YOU) 
  • Unique to each person 
  • Get-to-know-you activity 
  • For tween crafters (ages 8+) 
Craft Crush Plant Charms 

Add some charm to your plants! Use the metal frames to make beautiful faux stained-glass creations, then attach them to the stakes and decorate your indoor plants. This kit makes 4 plant charms, so they’re perfect for brightening up your home or for gifting the plant-lovers in your life! 


Why This Kit is Party Perfect:

  • Great for sharing (4 charms per kit) 
  • Super giftable 
  • For teen and adult crafters (13+) 
Craft Crush Lilac Bracelet Box 

Simple, stylish—and fun! From beads to braiding, this curated collection of bracelets to make has it all! Make 8 unique and beautiful bracelets to express your style. Now in a super trendy lilac color! 

Why This Kit is Party Perfect:

  • Great for sharing (8 bracelets per kit) 
  • Super giftable 
  • For teen and adult crafters (13+) 
Craft Crush Mini Sand Art 

Make adorable sand art planters, complete with fake plants to put in your multicolored sand! Use the provided sand and glitter to fill each container, then add the plant leaves to finish off each look. 

Why This Kit is Party Perfect:

  • Great for sharing (5 mini planters per kit) 
  • For teen and adult crafters (13+) 
If none of these are what you’re looking for, don’t worry! We’ve got TONS of other crafts to choose from! Check for all we have to offer!

Step 4: Set it Up! 

Today’s the day! It’s time to set up the greatest Craft Party ever. Make sure you have plenty of space for everyone to work comfortably. Set up at a hard work surface and consider putting down some newspaper to protect your surfaces and to make clean up a breeze! Be sure to get out anything else you may want (like scissors or your own hot glue)—everything else you’ll need to make your crafts is included in the kit, including easy-to-follow instructions and adhesive.  

If you’re a parent preparing for children, you may want to review the instructions ahead of time to make sure you know what you’ll need to do and are ready to answer questions or help out as needed.  

After your craft station is prepped, you’ll want to set up for your guests. Any good party—craft or otherwise—has got to have snacks and some music. Grab your favorites and switch on your favorite tunes! 

Step 5: Get the Party Started! 

You did it! You’re hosting your own Craft Party! Enjoy this time with your family and friends while you make something new! 

Be sure to take plenty of pictures! We love to see what amazing things people make with our kits. Share your photos, or just tell us and other crafters what you thought on social media using #annwilliamscrafts or tagging @shopannwilliams and @playmonsterfun 

Happy Crafting! 

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Brew Your Own Magic Craft-tastic Potions!

fairy potions lifestyle hires

Let’s talk about some products that will leave you bubbling with excitement!

Craft-tastic has a whole line of potion-making kits that provide kids with small potion bottles and magical recipes to make your very own magical potions!

Box becomes potion "cabinet" for storing your potions

These potion kits are perfect for encouraging children to engage in imaginative play. Imaginative play helps boost creativity and problem-solving skills for children, plus it can be tons of fun for both children and adults to imagine together! Potion-making allows children to experience the joy of creating their own magic with ingredients like unicorn hair, rays of sunshine, and fairy dust!

How did the creators of Craft-tastic come up with such an amazing product, and what do kids love about these potion-making kits? Sit down with Product Designer Hilary Henderson (PlayMonster’s resident Crafty Monster) to get the inside scoop on all things Craft-tastic Potions!

Q: Where did the idea for potion-making kits come from?

Making potions has always been a fun activity for kids. When my daughter and niece were little they would be outside for hours making soapy potions with leaves and flowers. We thought that would be a great little kit and that kids can make special “magical” potions that have a fun story and activities to go with each potion.

Q: What do people love about these kits?

Girl with Fairy Potions Kit ContentsWe love creating new potion kits because we love the open-ended play and the potions are fun to make and design! Parents and kids love the creativity and the imaginative play. They can follow along with the story and recipes for the potions or be creative on their own. Our potion kits are all different and magical and if you get them all you can mix all of the different ingredients together, for lots of extra fun!

Q: If you had to make a potion right now, what would you make and what would be in it?

I would make a sunshine potion! I love the summer months so I would wish for more sunny days. Add in a dash of sunrays, a special shinny pebble, and blow in a wish!

Be on the lookout for our NEW Craft-tastic Nature Scavenger Hunt Potions coming soon! Collect special ingredients from outside and make the magic happen! Includes fun recipes and space to come up with your very own magic potion concoction!

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Games for Grads

5SR Lifestyle SQ

After a long year of learning and test-taking, the school year is just about done. To celebrate all the wonderful academic achievements and newfound freedom of graduation, here are some great games for new grads!

5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule UncensoredWhether you go with the classic game or the more adult Uncensored version, 5 Second Rule is sure to be a hit for any recent grads!

5 Second Rule Box

Read the prompt, then spit out 3 answers as fast as you can! You might think it’s easy, but with almost no time to think, there’s no telling what silly answers slip out!

This game is perfect for late summer nights and for bringing to the college dorms for the fall. Have some wholesome family fun with the original game, or get some hilariously inappropriate answers with Uncensored—like hearing your roommate’s response to “Name 3 Things You Lick”!


Relative Insanity

Relative Insanity BoxNo matter where life takes your grad next, you’ll want them to think about their family—even if they’re a little crazy! Relative Insanity is all about your wacky relatives and the things they say! No matter how far away they roam, new graduates are sure to remember all the silly moments with their own families when they crack open their game!

Take turns reading hilarious prompts setting up what someone said, then pick the funniest possible response given. What does Granny say about the new baby, or Cousin Judy whisper in your ear during the funeral? The possible answers are as funny (or funnier) than the real thing!

What’s Yours Like?

While exciting, graduation can also be a little scary. You’re leaving somewhere you’ve been for a while to enter a new phase of life, and there’s no telling who you might meet.

What's Yours Like? Package

Make that transition a little easier (and funnier) with What’s Yours Like?! Every player except for one looks at the prompt, then take turns describing what “theirs” is like while the odd one out tries to guess what everyone else is talking about.

Learn more about your new friends when describing your similarities in life and being in on the joke as you give increasingly funny answers! Maybe yours is often wet while another player’s is too tight—both of you are talking about your swimsuit, and nothing takes the edge off an unfamiliar situation quite like bonding over something shared.

These represent just a few of the great games that we sell! Try out Five Crowns, Farkle, Spoons, Utter Nonsense, or any of our other games! Find more amazing ideas for graduation elsewhere on or in stores where PlayMonster products are sold!

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Loop Something Special This Mother’s Day


Just about anyone who has ever gotten a gift before can tell you that there’s a value in knowing someone made something for them that outshines nearly any other type of present—even the shiny expensive ones. We know how important our own time is, so when we know people took their own time to create something for us, even if it isn’t perfect or worth a lot of money, it lets us know how much they care about us that they were willing to spend their precious time on us.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, here are some fantastic Loopdedoo-inspired ideas for heartfelt, meaningful gifts to make and give this year!

Make Bracelets

Stack of Loopdedoo Bracelets showing off designs

Jewelry is a popular Mother’s Day gift for all the important women in your life (speaking as a woman, who doesn’t love getting some fun jewelry?)—so loop up some adorable, one-of-a-kind bracelets for all your moms this year!

What’s great about Loopdedoo® is that you aren’t stuck making the same general design in different colors over and over again like many thread-bracelet-making techniques. Loopdedoo® comes with a whole booklet of design ideas so that every design you make can be different and tailored to whoever you’re gifting it to!

They’re also quick and easy to make, so you can make as many bracelets for as many motherly figures in your life as you want. That’s right—Grandma gets a bracelet, Nana gets a bracelet, Aunt Lisa gets a bracelet, everyone can get a bracelet!


Embellish Your Presents

Arms crossed covered in bracelets

At this point, it’s possible you’ve already gotten your mom something special—way to be on top of it! No worries, you can still use a Loopdedoo® to give your presents a special look and add that handmade feeling to any present you’re giving away. Make longer (or connect multiple) bracelets to tie around your present as a fun, adorable bow! It’s exactly the sort of minor detail that will knock your mom’s socks off on Sunday!



Craft Other Accessories

Other Loopdedoo crafts: Keychains, charms, etc.

Mom doesn’t like bracelets? No problem! Loopdedoo® is versatile, allowing you to make longer or shorter designs based on your needs. If mom doesn’t need any bracelets, maybe she’ll love a cute zipper pull, a stylish headband, or a fun new belt! The only limit is your imagination!

Have a Crafting Party

Loopdedoo Spinning Loom

To take things to a whole new level, consider inviting your mom to spend time with you making some fun Loopdedoo® bracelets together! After all, your time is made more valuable when spending it with someone you love! Get multiple bracelet looms or take turns picking colors and designs for one another and swapping off who makes each bracelet.

Then the gifts become twofold: you are making things to give to one another (or anyone else you both know) and the time you spend together is another wonderful gift for the both of you! Loopdedoo® was invented by engineer and mom Sheila Wright to help her kids more easily create their own bracelets, so it’s the perfect activity for Mother’s Day, or any other day alongside the moms in your life.

Whether you decide to make something for your mom, with your mom, or save these ideas for the future, take some time to try out a Loopdedoo® sometime soon! If you have one—great—you’re ready to get started! If not, find a Loopdedoo® at Michaels or other stores in your area and start looping!

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Chief PlayMonster Bob Wann Selected for 2022 Toy Industry Hall of Fame

We’re proud to announce that our Chief PlayMonster, Bob Wann, has been inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame! Thank you to all those who voted, and congratulations to the fellow inductees! Read more about this honor in The Toy Association announcement below: Four Toy Industry Icons to be Inducted into 2022 Toy Industry Hall of Fame (

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Thank You, Teachers!

Monster Bites Logo

Hey families! Do you remember when there were 9 planets? Wow, us too! Now it seems up for debate whether Pluto is on the list. The International Astronomical Union decided in 2006 to designate Pluto as a “dwarf planet.” Ouch.

8+9 is a doubles fact plus one. Do you remember when 8+9 was simply, 17? Yep, us too!

The 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution established federal income tax. Wait. What? Can we get a recount on that one? The 21st amendment repealed prohibition. Ok, we’ll drink to that!

If you’ve spent the past year brushing up on all of this—and more—as a remote pseudo-teacher’s assistant to your kids, we know you have a whole new appreciation for teachers.

We all knew they were important before the global pandemic. But after 2020, let’s face it, we’re all thinking, “please don’t leave me alone to teach my kids again! I don’t know what I’m doing!”

At PlayMonster, we believe teachers are incredibly important! We want to thank teachers for all they do. A BIG THANK YOU! We can’t type it, shout it, or say it enough! We truly appreciate everything teachers do!

Now families, here is one way you can help your kids continue to learn at home this summer. We promise it won’t involve flash cards and it’s something that educators will endorse. The answer is simple: PLAY!

Encourage your kids to get away from the screens and play!

The Toy Association’s Genius of Play Initiative found that:
– Make-believe games help kids regulate emotions
– 88% of preschoolers playing with blocks were engaged in at least one math-building activity such as comparing sizes and counting.
– Studies show that kindergarteners’ vocabulary was positively related to the amount of time they spent talking during pretend play at age 3.

Need more proof? There’s a host of fascinating research about the importance of play here.

The best way you can help your kids learn is to encourage them to play at home. We know it will help kids be more prepared to learn in school. The Genius of Play Initiative has a host of play ideas using items already found in your home.

At PlayMonster, we can certainly offer a ton of recommendations for new toys for the whole family.

Here’s one the teachers will love: our Science4you kits. They’ll help boost brain power! Maybe your child can use one of our kits, such as Spectacular Science, to get Pluto back on that planet list. . .

As this school year comes to a close, we offer another BIG THANK YOU to educators! At Play Monster, we encourage everyone to keep on learning this summer. The formula is simple: PLAY!

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Indoors, Outdoors!

Monster Bites Logo

As the weather gets cooler, kids are going to miss their favorite outdoor activities. Things like swing sets, sandboxes, pools and bike rides aren’t always possible when fall rolls around. But just because you can’t go outside doesn’t mean you can’t do outside activities! Here’s a few ways you can keep the summer fun going all year round!

1. Indoor Sandbox: Grab some sand from the box and bring it in! You’ll need a small box or plastic container. Fill your indoor sand box with some sand and put it somewhere that can get messy. Your child can now build sandcastles, play with construction toys or even just feel the sand between their fingers. It’s a taste of summer whenever they want!

2. Indoor Camp-out: Set up a tent in your living room and spend the night in it. Put a video of a campfire on your TV. You can find a bunch on the internet; pick one you like! Cook some s’mores on the stove or microwave for a sweet treat. Crawl in your tent and tell scary stories! Camping season isn’t over just because it’s cold outside!

3. Cotton-Ball Catch: Mom always said don’t play ball in the house! While most balls can be dangerous and break things indoors, a cotton ball is soft enough to be thrown all over. Play a game of catch, build a hoop and play “Pig,” or play a game of “Monkey in the Middle!” Have an indoor sports day!

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Halloween Fun

Monster Bites Logo

The big spooky day is coming up, and kids love to celebrate! Here’s some (not too) scary activities for you and your little ones to get into the spirit!
1. Toy Trick or Treat
Grab some dolls, action figures and other toys and get ready for a bite-sized tradition! Make some houses out of cardboard, paper or recycled material and arrange them into a neighborhood. Build a road out of construction paper, add some tiny street signs and maybe even some light poles. When your neighborhood is done, have your child make a costume for their favorite toy. Move the toy from house to house collecting candy from other toys along the way! Celebrate your favorite candy-grabbing tradition any time in your own house!

2. Homemade Haunted House
Looking for something a little more frightening? Get your spooky decorations and turn out the lights! Determine a path through your house and use cardboard, blankets or tarps to set the course. Use some Halloween decorations or make some scary props and place them throughout your path. Then, dress up yourself, or your child, so the haunted house has a monster to jump out from around a corner or behind an object! Now that your haunted house is complete, have your children or other family members “enter if they dare.” They’ll have fun getting scared and scaring!

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Activate Your Play!

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Many kids’ favorite “school subject” is recess. Running around the playground with friends, letting their imaginations run free and having almost no limits is an amazing feeling. Recess is such a great time because it activates both a child’s mind and body. Instead of being confined to a set of rules in a sports game or playing at a table without moving around, recess offers the chance to exercise imagination and physical muscles.

Parents can offer this holistic type of play by encouraging roleplay games; let the kids go outside and pretend to be pirates or princesses. During cold or rainy, play a game of charades or build a fort inside. Just make sure your children are activating their imagination while also using their muscles.