Craft Crush


For the kid in all of us

Teens and adults need fun too! In this digital age, we're craving more and more hands-on, screen-free, stress-free ways to relax. This, along with our love for making and thinking outside the box, inspired the creation of Craft Crush. Let's create some fun together! Craft Crush products are kits to fall in love with. Remember your first craft crush? We do. We fell hard for them at first, but they broke our heart because they weren’t cool, modern, or trendy enough. So we did the only thing we could do, we created our own. More trendy. More chic. More us. After trying on several names, we knew it could only be Craft Crush. After all, that was our first true love. Still is. And our love continues to grow with more Craft Crush Kits from Ann Williams Group.