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Halloween Fun

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The big spooky day is coming up, and kids love to celebrate! Here’s some (not too) scary activities for you and your little ones to get into the spirit!
1. Toy Trick or Treat
Grab some dolls, action figures and other toys and get ready for a bite-sized tradition! Make some houses out of cardboard, paper or recycled material and arrange them into a neighborhood. Build a road out of construction paper, add some tiny street signs and maybe even some light poles. When your neighborhood is done, have your child make a costume for their favorite toy. Move the toy from house to house collecting candy from other toys along the way! Celebrate your favorite candy-grabbing tradition any time in your own house!

2. Homemade Haunted House
Looking for something a little more frightening? Get your spooky decorations and turn out the lights! Determine a path through your house and use cardboard, blankets or tarps to set the course. Use some Halloween decorations or make some scary props and place them throughout your path. Then, dress up yourself, or your child, so the haunted house has a monster to jump out from around a corner or behind an object! Now that your haunted house is complete, have your children or other family members “enter if they dare.” They’ll have fun getting scared and scaring!