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The classic dice-rolling, risk-taking game!

It's a classic dice game that's perfect for family fun or any game night. Roll the dice and try to collect combinations that will earn you some points. But, if you decide to take a risk and continue rolling, you could lose your points in a Farkle!

With PlayMonster’s Farkle line, you can Farkle in lots of different ways: Take the dice cup on trips to Farkle on vacation, have the boxed version for at-home Farkling, keep Nano clipped to your keys for on-the-fly Farkling, or mix things up with the Frenzy all-play version or the Flip card game!

It’s fun playing Farkle, even though you don’t actually WANT to GET a Farkle, plus it's hilarious just SAYING Farkle, right?
Grandma Farkle

Ready for some Farkle?