My Fairy Garden Blossom Balloon

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MSRP $24.99(each)

Product Overview

Take an airy adventure with Skye the air fairy and Snap the Plantimal! Plant the coriander seeds in the planting bowl, then watch as your world grows! While you take care of your garden, go on a trip with Skye and her wonderful Plantimal friend Snap—part snapdragon, part dragon! Fly the balloon around with Skye at the wheel, let Snap hide away in the petal basket, spin the flower spinners, and more! Read the special Fairy Field Guide to learn more about Skye, the fairy world, and how plants grow! There’s even special fairy activities you can try to earn a certificate for being a Nurturer of Nature! Each purchase of a My Fairy Garden product contributes to the planting of trees in partnership with One Tree Planted! Blossom Balloon comes with Skye the air fairy, Snap, a planting area, a leaf platform, the balloon and basket, a wind spinner, a watering can, 6 play accessories, a seed bottle with coriander seeds, horticulturist’s vermiculite (soil), instructions, and the fairy field guide.

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Fairy, Plantimal, Planting Area, Leaf Platform, Balloon & Basket, Wind Spinner, Watering Can, 6 Play Accessories, Seed Bottle, Horticulturist’s Vermiculite, Instructions, Fairy Field Guide