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BELOIT, WIS (October 8, 2020) – In celebration of #WorldOctopusDay, PlayMonster is challenging kids and families to spend the day in the life of an octopus, by showing all the cool and funny things they can do with their Stacktopus Silly Sea Fingers. PlayMonster is calling it the #SillySeaFingerChallenge and is encouraging followers to share their funny photos on social media with the hashtag.  There is only one day a year dedicated to these amazing creatures and PlayMonster has found a cheeky way to celebrate!

Stacktopus may seem easy…but when you’re wearing the Silly Sea Fingers, it becomes silly, competitive fun! To play, players have to race to stack colored cups to match the designs on the colorful cards—but there’s a twist! Each player must wear three silly sea fingers and use only those fingers to grasp, hold and maneuver the cups! CAUTION: It gets really silly and really funny!

“Joining in and celebrating World Octopus Day is a no-brainer for us,” said Lisa Wuennemann, Master Marketing Monster at PlayMonster. “Stacktopus is a great way for families to play together and to become interested and curious about Octopuses. We’re glad that we have the perfect way to celebrate every year.”

Octopus come in all shapes, colors and sizes and there is so much to know about these underwater cephalopods. Some live in very shallow waters while the Giant Pacific Octopus is known to live in depths down to 6,600 ft (2000 m). Octopus fossils date back to over 300 million years, making them even older than dinosaurs. Experts say that they’ve survived for so long because of the 500 million neurons located in their arms and brains, making them extremely intelligent.

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