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BELOIT, Wis.— Patch Products is excited to announce two new additions to its preschool toy line Mirari, adored for its back-to-basics play with a unique twist!

Children deserve engaging and entertaining toys with features that allow the play experience to be truly enhanced and not overshadowed, and that’s what Mirari gives them—playtime that is pure in its experience, with no added distractions that take away from the magic of play. Mirari, from the Latin word for “wonder” and “amaze,” delights children by offering basic toys with a simple tech twist, creating stimulating, quality toys that provide children with the tools they need to grow, thrive and learn.

Imagine if babies had their very own smartphones that rang, lit up and allowed mommy to speak to them…myPhone does all that! The 5.5″ durable play phone features a touchscreen with 12 colorful light-up icons that children can press to hear the ABC song, a lullaby, “snapshot” sound and more! The most exciting feature of this phone is its “record and ring” ability—mom or dad (or grandparents!) can record a message on the phone for children. Then, using the included remote control heart, adults can activate the phone ringer from up to 25 feet across the room (unobstructed), and children will hear their loved one’s message! It’s a magical addition to fun phone play that children will adore! For ages 6 months and up.

Bouncy Bop™ Shape Sorter          
It’s a colorful classic shape sorter with added bouncing fun! Children will enjoy fitting the six colorful shapes into the coordinating holes on top of the 8″ tall Bouncy Bop Shape Sorter! And when the shapes fall inside and hit the bouncy surface, they go boing! Once all the shapes are inside, children can push the side handle to activate the paddle and watch the shapes bounce! For ages 12 months and up.

myPhone and Bouncy Bop Shape Sorter join the family of six existing Mirari items, including the 2014 TOTY (Toy of the Year) finalist Pop! Pop! Piano®.

Patch Products is a family-owned company, leading the toy industry in design, manufacturing and marketing of games, children’s puzzles, preschool toys, creative activities and teaching tools. Top-selling brands include 5 Second Rule®, Perplexus™ Don’t Rock the Boat™, Farkle, The Game of THINGS…®, Mirari®, Buzzword®, Stratego®, What’s Yours Like?®, Lauri® and Wooly Willy®. Patch focuses on innovation through building brands and creating new categories.