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Super Spinner® – Greg Cordray

Greg Cordray is a fixer. Since he was a young child, he was always on a mission to fix broken things, and as you can imagine that kept him very busy! He enjoyed taking things apart, evaluating them, “fixing” them if “needed,” and then putting them back together. Sometimes this left things “improved,” and sometimes it left things permanently broken. The older Greg got, the better he got at fixing things. Today, one of his greatest fixes is his Super Spinner Swing—a better, safer way to swing!

Greg’s affinity for fixing just about anything he could get his hands on—cars, houses, TVs, radios, motors, etc.—led him to study all sorts of subjects. He loved to build and create things, too, so he wanted to fill his head with how things worked and fit together in the universe. He studied science, biology, physics, chemistry, engineering and psychology (he tried “fixing” people, but found some of them didn’t like that much!). Greg decided to focus on engineering, and he graduated from Ohio State University from the College of Engineering.

It was years later, as a father, that Greg fixed something that made him known around the country. It began the day his then 3-year-old daughter played on a swing for the first time. He sat her on the traditional-style swing, made sure she was holding on properly (and told her to continue holding on), and then began gently pushing her. As it turns out, his daughter got so excited that she forgot to hold on, and she went flying off onto the grass. She was unharmed, but that moment was when Greg’s mind began fixing the traditional swing to make it safer and more fun.

It took a lot of love and hard work for Greg to design and build the Super Spinner swing. Every detail has thought and care behind it. The swing, which is a large smooth disc, features a concave design that keeps little bodies centered safely and offers a comfortable ride for kids. There’s also a small hole in the center, so that water can drain out when it rains and keeps the seat drier and cleaner. The ropes are sturdy and strong, and the Super Spinner swing can hold up to 200 pounds, while the larger Super Duper Spinner swing can hold up to 650 (family fun!). Greg also thought about how to configure the ropes and attachments so that kids can not only swing on Super Spinner, they can also easily and safely spin! Yes, it soars, it swings, it spins and it’s super strong!

Greg also thought ahead to where families may want to hang this swing. Not everyone has a large enough tree for a swing, and not everyone has a swing set to use. Super Spinner can be hung on both, so whichever is best for a family will work! Hanging it from a swing set also allows families to upgrade or “revive” an old swing set, and it’s easy to hang and only requires extra equipment in certain cases.

Super Spinner was definitely a labor of love, and Greg included all three of his kids in the process. They worked together building and shipping Super Spinner swings from their backyard barn. Every step of the way, friends and family supported Greg and loves the new swing, which was the most rewarding part of the journey for Greg. Honest feedback was key in “fixing” traditional swings, and Greg knows it’s important with any project: “It’s important to test your own thoughts against the reality of others using the product.”

 Now that Super Spinner is well-known and sought after, Greg works with PlayMonster to manufacture and broaden the distribution of Super Spinner so that more kids and families can get in on the fun! He continues to consult with PlayMonster and attend events to talk about his awesome swing! When not working, Greg lives a happy life with his wife and children in Ohio, where he looks for new “fix-it” projects that will make a difference in the world for as many people as possible.