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Shhh…Children at Play!

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It’s no secret that kids love to be wacky and wild. And that type of energetic play is great for childhood development. But sometimes a more relaxed style of play can be just as effective. Developing fine-motor skills, solving problems and even learning social skills can all be achieved through quiet playtime.

Building sets are an excellent way to for children to engage in this quiet play. Toddlers can learn colors and problem solving skills by building with blocks or similar sets. On the other hand, older children can learn more advanced skills like engineering through the use of STEM sets.

Children can also benefit from quietly playing with games. Some games are designed to teach a specific skill like spelling. But even if a game doesn’t seem educational on the surface children are still learning. For example, team games can teach collaboration and social skills, and competitive games can teach sportsmanship and strategy. No matter what they play, kids are learning!

Although it’s good for kids to be loud and proud, a nice, quiet playtime can be just as beneficial. Plus, it’s a nice break for parents!