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Don’t Hold it in – the Laughter, that is – When Playing the Hilarious and Quick-Thinking Game Brain Fart

BELOIT, Wis. (July 31, 2018) — PlayMonster LLC is excited to extend its party game line with unique contents and fun game play that will have players shouting out answers or experiencing Brain Farts…either way, the game’s a gas!

No, there’s no foul smells accompanying this game, but you will hear some “noises” coming from the cool brain timer when the round time is up! Game play starts with everyone rolling the large cubes (like giant dice!) to get the categories. The nine cubes make up your always-different “game board.” On each cube is a category, like Hotties, Villains, Beverages and more. Then someone taps the top of the brain-shaped timer to get a letter and start the countdown. Now one-by-one, players have to name something from one of the cube categories that starts with the letter displayed. So, if the letter is “M” you could name “milk” or “mojito” as a beverage, then grab that cube. If it’s your turn when the brain farts, you lose a token.

The beauty is in the anticipation…and when someone steals “your” category that you were all prepared for, and you’re left having to think quickly, it gets challenging for you and fun for others to watch! Just hurry up and say something, though, because Silence is deadly™. With 54 categories and 21 letters, game play is always different!

Brain Fart retails for $24.99 and is designed for 3 or more players, ages 14 to adult.


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Beloit, WI-based PlayMonster is a toy and game company that believes in the power of play to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Delivering great play value by designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative, fun products such as “TOTY Game of the Year” Yeti in My Spaghetti® and “TOTY Doll of the Year” Wonder Crew®, along with other award-winning toys and games like The Game of THINGS…®, 5 Second Rule®, Mirari®, Farkle, OK to Wake!®, My Fairy Garden®, Automoblox®, Marbleocity®, Kid O® and Super Spinner® is how PlayMonster helps keep play alive for all ages.

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