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All New Designs Bring More Collectability and Creative Play to the Brand!

BELOIT, Wis. (March 25th, 2019) —PlayMonster’s Automoblox®, an award-winning line of high-quality collectible toy vehicles that innovate the classic wooden toy car category, is seeing some new looks and fresh ideas! New mini vehicles in single packs and 3-packs will feature the mix-and-match capability and fit in well with the existing vehicles, while adding a fresh look! Plus, the new Hauler/Dump Truck combo expands play value!

Several new cars join the mini line, all with new sleek designs and splashes of color. Single minis joining the line are C16 Sidewinder with cool, white tires; C14 Zephyr with unique hood detailing; and X11 Rivet with a rugged SUV body. The 3-pack includes the first-ever car featuring all-over black stain, SC2 Fang; the super cool C13 Manta; and big pickup truck,T16L Rex. Also new is the 3-pack of rescue vehicles, with an updated police car, rescue SUV and ambulance!

Also new to the line is BR100 Hercules, the first of its kind…a car hauler that transforms into a dump truck! Build whichever one you want and then play! Switch and rebuild as many times as you want! The dump truck has a working lever that allows you to actually dump contents. The hauler features a ramp to reach both levels, so you can drive your mini Automoblox vehicles onto it. BR100 Hercules includes two exclusive mini vehicles: C11 Pulse and X10 Decatur. Holds up to five mini vehicles.

All vehicles sport a body made of European beech wood, and includes multiple interchangeable components, including tires and wheels. With its mix-and-match creative design features, it’s easy enough for kids as young as 4 to get in on the fun, and the cool, collectible designs appeal to older kids and adults as well. No tools required! For ages 4+.

Each Automoblox vehicle includes a unique VIN that can be used for online registration into the owner’s club, where fans can learn about news and cool events, so the fun never ends!


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