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PlayMonsterTM Expands Mirari® Infant/Toddler Line for 2017

New Magical Toys for Infants and Toddlers Feature Fun Ball Play

October 17, 2017 – BELOIT, Wis. – Two new infant discovery toys have been added to PlayMonster LLC‘s adored Mirari® line, expanding the magic and wonder of play! 

Children deserve engaging and entertaining toys without added distractions that take away from the magic of play, and that’s what Mirari gives them-playtime that is pure in its experience. Mirari, from the Latin word for “wonder” and “amaze,” delights families with classic play in an innovative way with stimulating, quality toys that provide children with the tools they need to grow, thrive and learn…because a world of wonder begins with playful discoveries!

JuballeesTM is a set of balls that play in lots of ways: Mix, Match, Click, Stack & Roll! Each of the three colorful 2.75″ balls pulls apart into halves to mix and match, easily clicking together to make different color combination balls, or to stack in various fun ways! Each ball rolls, and they can all roll together when stacked, too! Plus, when children shake them, they make a fun sound! Juballees are priced at $14.99; for ages 6 months and up.

The new snail-themed Mirari pick-up/release ball toy, ShellbyTM, is designed for children 9 months and older. The colorful wheel-y snail comes with four colorful balls that children drop into the snail’s shell, and then press on the snail’s tail or roll the snail along the floor to watch the balls come popping back out the snail’s mouth! Shellby is priced at $19.99.


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