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PlayMonster and Lynnvander Studios Reveal Snap Ships Tactics: A Battle Strategy Board Game at Gen Con


Award-Winning Build-to-Battle Brand Teases 2022 Strategy Game and Wave 3 Ships at Gen Con

BELOIT, Wis. (September 15, 2021) — PlayMonster, in collaboration with Design Partner Lynnvander Studios, announced today the development of Snap Ships Tactics: a constructible, expandable, multiplayer battle game where players create custom Snap Ships and bring them to life on a tabletop battlefield. PlayMonster and Lynnvander Studios will offer an exclusive sneak peek of this disruptive new board game at Gen Con 2021, where attendees will gain a rare chance to see the game in action. Attendees will also get a chance to preview Wave 3 ships ahead of their fall release.

Snap Ships Tactics will be the first Tabletop gaming experience to launch from the award-winning Snap Ships brand. While Snap Ships Tactics will be previewed at Gen Con, this is just the start of what fans can expect from Snap Ships. A Kickstarter campaign is planned for 2022, where fans will be invited to influence the final game design and receive teasers and Snap Ships exclusives along the way. Fans can join the Snap Ships email list here to be the first to learn about the Kickstarter campaign, along with key updates about product arrivals and more.

“We’ve long dreamed of a tabletop game with fully customizable, modular miniatures where every model you play with reflects the unique abilities of the ship or mech you’re piloting,” said Scott Pease and Jeff Swenty, co-inventors of Snap Ships. “With Snap Ships Tactics we can finally make that vision come to life.”

“Snap Ships is a fun toy line my kids and I have enjoyed for some time now. It is truly an immersive play experience that has wide appeal,” said Thomas Gofton of Lynnvander Studios. “We’re excited to partner with PlayMonster and the great team behind Snap Ships, to take this world to the next level with Snap Ships Tactics. We can’t wait to see what unique builds players will create from this game.”

“Snap Ships has been an award-winning, consumer-favorite since we launched, so we wanted to reward those fans with a transformative game that fuses build-to-battle components with the idea of expansion,” said Scott Flynn, VP Sales & Marketing at PlayMonster. “The innovative game mechanics designed by Lynnvander fully capitalize on the unique aspects of the Snap Ships universe.  We can’t wait to share more about it with Snap Ships fans.”

Gen Con attendees can play an early version of Snap Ships Tactics at the Lynnvander HQ Booth in Hall C and expand their Snap Ships fleet at the Snap Ships Booth #2222 at Gen Con Indy from September 16–19, 2021.


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