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Innovative Toy Further Bolsters PlayMonster’s Outdoor & Creative Play Offerings


February 15, 2018 – BELOIT, Wis. –PlayMonster LLC announced today it has acquired the worldwide license for Walkie Chalk®, the innovative sidewalk chalk holder that empowers kids and adults to “Stand Up & Draw!”®

Walkie Chalk is an easy-to-assemble, three-piece writing wand that provides a totally new experience with sidewalk chalk for kids and adults of all ages. The patented design, made with child-safe materials, holds any standard-sized chalk, round or square, allowing chalk artists to let their creativity shine by being able to move around while they draw. Walkie Chalk helps outdoor imagination flow from a different perspective while also saving parents and grandparents sore knees and backs.

“We are always on the lookout for brilliant ideas that bring out the best of classic play, and Walkie Chalk is a prime example,” said Bob Wann, Chief PlayMonster of PlayMonster LLC. “It’s the latest product in our outdoor product line, following last year’s acquisition of Super Spinner.”

Wann added, “We also love that it was invented by parents who saw a problem and solved it, and then tested it over and over with kids and parents alike. It subsequently proved to be a big success at retail, too!”

“After having surgery, we were looking for a better way to draw with chalk on our driveway because I couldn’t get on  the ground,” said Shauna Damman, Walkie Chalk Co-Owner. “In a light-bulb moment, I grabbed a broken rake handle and zip-tied a piece of chalk to it… and the idea for Walkie Chalk was born.”

“It was important to us to make it safe and very simple for kids to use,” said Matt Damman, Walkie Chalk’s Co-Owner and Inventor, “We didn’t anticipate adults and special needs individuals loving it too, but they do!”

Available in four colors, the Walkie Chalk sidewalk chalk holders are adjustable in length from 24 to 36 inches long. Priced at $13.99, they hold most standard sidewalk chalk round or square, and each package includes two chalk pieces.

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