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Beloit, WI, March 18, 2021 — Bringing monster-sized fun to families every morning and night, PlayMonster LLC (“PlayMonster”) has plans to make BriteBrush™ the leading consumer choice for kid’s toothbrushes globally. With the acquisition of BriteBrush, PlayMonster plans to expand the BriteBrush line of interactive toothbrushes for kids, merging fun with healthy childhood habits – a winning combination that families, dentists, and retailers are smiling about!


BriteBrush, winner of three top parenting awards, was recently recognized by Good Housekeeping as the Editor’s Choice for The Best Smart Toothbrush for Kids. The toothbrush features oral care technology, including smart brushing sensors, side change recognition, sonic vibration, and a parent check light. With no apps or mobile devices needed, BriteBrush contains proprietary technology that senses proper brushing technique and encourages kids (with music and fun coaching) to brush using the methods most recommended by dentists and the oral care industry.


“BriteBrush is an innovative product line, combining oral care and gaming into a bright, fun, play experience making kids and their parents smile,” said Tim Kilpin, president of PlayMonster. “The development of BriteBrush pushed the limits on the next generation of oral care for children and families.”


BriteBrush was developed and launched by WowWee, a leader in tech toys. Now, PlayMonster will look to continue the previous success of BriteBrush with expanded research, innovation, and of course, even more fun. With PlayMonster’s track record of infusing play into new categories, they will extend the marketing and distribution of BriteBrush to new customers, ensuring BriteBrush is available to kids of all ages.


“With BriteBrush, kids are not only asking to brush their teeth, but are learning how to brush properly using techniques recommended and endorsed by dentists. This product and the sensor technology are game changers for oral care, and we will be continuing this innovation to make brushing fun for kids,” said Dave Capper, BriteBrush Development Team Lead. “Since the initial launch, we’ve inspired millions of hours of brushing fun for kids, and we’re thrilled to work with PlayMonster to inspire millions more.”


PlayMonster continues to build their cross-category portfolio, along with the leadership and resources of Audax Private Equity, through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. The addition of BriteBrush aligns perfectly with Audax’s focus on consumer products and health.


The BriteBrush team is proud to make this advanced technology affordable at a retail price of approximately $20. BriteBrush is currently offering BriteBrush GameBrushTM (for ages 5+), BriteBrush BabyShark (for ages 3+), and a new innovation to be announced soon.  Families can find out more at or


About PlayMonster LLC

PlayMonster, a leading international toy and game company, believes in the power of play to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and strives to keep play alive for all ages by delivering great play value through designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative and fun toys, games and activities. PlayMonster’s diversified portfolio includes popular brands and products such as “TOTY Game of the Year” Yeti in My Spaghetti®, plus THINGS…®, 5 Second Rule®, Relative Insanity®, Farkle, SET®, Five Crowns®, Spirograph®, Colorforms, My Fairy Garden®, Face Paintoos™, Fashion Plates®, Latchkits®, and Snap Ships®.



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