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T349 7452 Oddjobs Boxcnt

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BELOIT, Wis.— Get the party started, or keep it going, with Patch Products’ new Odd Jobs™ party game. It’s perfect for small or large gatherings and will be the life of the party!

These jobs are hilarious, screwy, over-the-top, and the workers are even crazier! One player is the “client,” choosing a card and reading aloud the job. All other players use their business cards, selecting the best one for the job, and telling the client why they should be hired! 

For example, a player may read the job card “There’s a poodle stuck in the tree. Can you get it down?” And you may have the clown’s business card, Beau Zeau, so you could sell yourself like this: “I have a loud horn and water-squirting flower. If you hire me, I’ll startle the poodle and he’ll run home.” Sometimes the silly names and witty taglines sell themselves, sometimes you may want to act the part and boast about your imaginary skills! Odd Jobs have never been more fun! For four or more players, ages 14 to adult.

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