Go the extra mile and set the mood!

Any game night can be fun on its own. But if you want to bump your fun to the next level you’ll want to go all out with setting the mood! Think about themed snacks, music, decorations, or even clothes! Take some of our suggestions below to enhance the fun of your next get together or party.

Anyone who’s watched a bad adventure movie knows how music can ruin a scene. You don’t want to make that same mistake with your party! Choose from the playlists below to enhance the tone of your Break In mission!:

Famous actor Clint Eastwood starred in the classic 1979 film Escape from Alcatraz. Relive his journey through the prison by listening to the movie’s soundtrack while playing Break In: Soundtrack from Escape from Alcatraz

These classic prison-themed songs will get every player in the mood: opens in a new windowhttps://www.ranker.com/list/songs-about-jail/ranker-music

Break In Alcatraz is set during the year 1962. If you really want to immerse yourself, listen to the top 40 hits from that year: https://playback.fm/charts/rock/1962


They say “food is the key to the heart.” So, if you want to win the hearts of your guests, you’ll need to feed them right! Consider serving some of these snacks to really wow party goers.

Some prisoners are allowed to purchase food from the prison’s commissary office. These butterscotch brownies are a common treat for inmates to make from the items available to them.


Had your fun and want to repack it for replay?


  • Place the ball from the ball and chain back into the small square of the last layer you unfolded. Snap it back together.
  • Tape the chain from the ball and chain back into the secret room and snap the second layer back together.
  • Make sure the cards and decoder are not inside the game, snap the final layer back together.
  • Put the pieces to the raft puzzle back inside the envelope.
  • Stack the cards with symbol face up so the largest number is on the bottom and number 1 is on top. Place in a plastic baggie with the decoder and raft puzzle. 
  • Tape baggie with all the contents to the inside of the box lid.
  • Place rules on the top of the game box and close up. Now it’s ready to share with a friend!