Item CT2199T

MSRP $29.99(each)

Ages 8 & Up

Contents: 200 Cardstock Prints, 375 Stickers, 3 Plastic Domes, Metallic Foil Confetti, Removable Adhesive Tape, Cotton Thread, Plastic Cording, 80 Foam Spacers, Instructions.

Product Overview

Create a Wall Collage to show off your hopes, your dreams, and all your favorite things. Arrange the prints any way you like, add stickers to personalize it, add your own photos, and you’ll have a true work of art! Your wall, your style – and endless possibilities! 200 prints plus 375 stickers allow tweens to choose their favorite pieces to make their space a work of art! This kit includes shimmering iridescent and gold prints, 80 foam spacers to add dimension, and paint-safe tape so they can arrange it in any shape!