Break In Area 51 Puzzle Solutions

If you get stuck, or just want a little help, check out solutions to the puzzles below!

For easier viewing, here is a  opens in a new windowlinkopens PDF file  to all of the Hint Cards without the scrambled coding!

NOTE: On Card #18 in clue 2, delete “The door in front of me has never opened."

Cards 5 & 10

Puzzle Solution

Cut the fence

Cards 6 & 11

Puzzle Solution

Arrange the cows so the spots create an image (distraction).

Cards 8 & 12

Puzzle Solution

Retrace the path the AI was taken to find the lab.

Cards 14 & 19

Puzzle Solution

Follow connections of the muldavian, to the shield unit, to the power source to bypass the security mechanism and safely retrieve the AI.

Cards 17 & 20

Puzzle Solution

Follow connections to hook AI up to the computer.

Cards 15, 18, 21

Puzzle Solution

Determine door to secret tunnel.

Cards 25 & 31

Puzzle Solution

Trap Mary so the cat can knock her aluminum hat off.

Cards 28 & 32

Puzzle Solution

Place the three programming cards to retrieve Crate 42.

Card 33

Puzzle Solution

Assemble the three pieces of your power drive.

Had your fun and want to repack it for replay?


  • Place the largest part of the power drive in the center of the ship (the last layer you unfolded). Snap it back together.
  • Tape the second piece of the power drive near the crates and snap the layer back together.
  • Tape the smallest piece of the power drive on the flap with two workers and a purple part (look for the outline of where the power drive should go). Make sure the alien ooze is inside his body on the autopsy table.
  • Make sure the cards, cow puzzle, solutions sticks, rules and decoder are not inside the game, snap the final layer back together.
  • Stack the cards with symbol face up so the largest number is on the bottom and number 1 is on top. They should be in two stacks- 1-20 and 21-39. Place in a plastic baggie with the decoder, cow puzzle and solution sticks.
  • Tape baggie with all the contents to the inside of the box lid.
  • Place rules on the top of the game box and close up. Now it’s ready to share with a friend!