Break In Area 51 Puzzle Solutions

If you get stuck, or just want a little help, check out solutions to the puzzles below!

For easier viewing, here is a link to all of the Hint Cards without the scrambled coding!

NOTE: On Card #18 in clue 2, delete “The door in front of me has never opened."

Area51 Cluebuttons 01

Cards 5 & 10

Puzzle Solution

Cut the fence

Area51 Cluebuttons 02

Cards 6 & 11

Puzzle Solution

Arrange the cows so the spots create an image (distraction).

Area51 Cluebuttons 03

Cards 8 & 12

Puzzle Solution

Retrace the path the AI was taken to find the lab.

Area51 Cluebuttons 04

Cards 14 & 19

Puzzle Solution

Follow connections of the muldavian, to the shield unit, to the power source to bypass the security mechanism and safely retrieve the AI.

Area51 Cluebuttons 05

Cards 17 & 20

Puzzle Solution

Follow connections to hook AI up to the computer.

Area51 Cluebuttons 06

Cards 15, 18, 21

Puzzle Solution

Determine door to secret tunnel.

Area51 Cluebuttons 07

Cards 25 & 31

Puzzle Solution

Trap Mary so the cat can knock her aluminum hat off.

Area51 Cluebuttons 08

Cards 28 & 32

Puzzle Solution

Place the three programming cards to retrieve Crate 42.

Area51 Cluebuttons 09 1

Card 33

Puzzle Solution

Assemble the three pieces of your power drive.

Had your fun and want to repack it for replay?


  • Place the largest part of the power drive in the center of the ship (the last layer you unfolded). Snap it back together.
  • Tape the second piece of the power drive near the crates and snap the layer back together.
  • Tape the smallest piece of the power drive on the flap with two workers and a purple part (look for the outline of where the power drive should go). Make sure the alien ooze is inside his body on the autopsy table.
  • Make sure the cards, cow puzzle, solutions sticks, rules and decoder are not inside the game, snap the final layer back together.
  • Stack the cards with symbol face up so the largest number is on the bottom and number 1 is on top. They should be in two stacks- 1-20 and 21-39. Place in a plastic baggie with the decoder, cow puzzle and solution sticks.
  • Tape baggie with all the contents to the inside of the box lid.
  • Place rules on the top of the game box and close up. Now it’s ready to share with a friend!