K-Dive Ambush Drone

Item 9518

MSRP $7.99(each)

Ages 8 & Up

Includes 16 Building Pieces, 2 Accessories, 8 Projectiles, Instructions

No batteries required.

Product Overview


Welcome to the future…where humanity is under constant attack from a brutal alien threat. The Komplex spreads through the galaxy and growing stronger with each species they defeat and assimilate. To fight them, humanity relies on an elite team, the Forge, who pilots their own armada of spacecraft known as Snap Ships.

Now YOU can Build to Battle! Snap Ships is a versatile building system for creating multiple crafts with action play, and all sets and pieces are interchangeable, so kids can build however they want. The Snap Ships set for K-Dive Ambush Drone includes instructions for the drone that you assemble yourself and then engage in battle with real shooting weapon play! The K-Dive Ambush Drone is a Komplex drone used as support during space or ground battles and features a real rapid-fire launcher! When you collect all three Komplex Drones (K-Dive Ambush Drone, K-Crawler Suppression Mech and K-Swarm Strike Drone–each sold separately), you can combine them to build the K-Form Fusion Build!

Download the free Snap Ships app for more action play and more ship build ideas! All Snap Ships sets are modular and designed to be combined to build whatever you can imagine!