HypnoGizmo™ Make-Your-Own Twirly Toy

Item 1221z


Ages 6 & Up

Contents: 2 HYPNO-LOOM Discs, HYPNO-LOOM POST, 4 HYPNO-RINGS, 20 yds. (18.2m) HYPNO-LINE, 30 Blue 8mm HYPNO-BEADS, 30 Orange 5mm HYPNO-BEADS, 30 Green 5mm HYPNO-BEADS, Detailed Instruction Guide, Desktop Display Stand


Product Overview

The Amazing Twirly Toy

The HYPNOGIZMO Twirly Toy is an absolutely EYE-MAZING KinetiContraption! Now you can create your own spinning fidget toy with the MAKE-YOUR-OWN HYPNOGIZMO activity kit. Build it, string it, spin it—keep your hands busy and your mind engaged with mesmerizing, mathematical motion. Use different colors, beads, and patterns to create a completely customizable contraption over and over again! Once you’ve perfected your patterns, place your unique HYPNOGIZMO into the desktop display stand and show off your captivating creation! How many different versions can you make?!