The Island of El Dorado

You are a brave explorer, seeking control of the island’s shrines!

The year is 1589, and the world is thirsty for gold. Legend has it that somewhere on the vast ocean lies The Island of El Dorado, where gold flows over the hills. Brave explorers set sail in search of the mythical island and their ships find themselves on its shores. They begin to search and discover that this place holds much more than gold: It hides four mysterious shrines of untold power.

You and your fellow players are brave explorers seeking to discover and control the is-land’s four shrines! As you play, tile-laying, combat and resource management elegantly come together to create a memorable experience for both novice and veteran strategy gamers. The bold exploration, epic battles and unforeseen comebacks will have you on the edge of your seat!

There are tons of map layouts, each with a different size and landscape, plus unique character abilities that call for different strategies.

Explore, Gather, Build, Battle